A quick update on state of affairs

It's been 1.5 years since release of the latest version, 0.6.0. The project is not very active at the moment, because its principal developer, Pierre Marchand, is rather busy with other things. SVN trunk is currently ca. 150 commits away from 0.6.0 and features a rather simplified user interface with few new features like named filters. The new user interface is not yet finished, with some of the former tabs currently being floating windows. Eventually we will finish the changes in UI, document them and release the next version.

Weeks made a month

Finally here’s an installer for Windows! It’s still not a font manager but yet a funny piece of software if you like to play with fonts.

Download Fontmatrix for Windows

Fontmatrix 0.6.0

We’re proud and scared altogether to announce a new public release of Fontmatrix.

This release is numbered 0.6.0. It replaces the Jurassic old 0.4.2. The 0.5.0 branch has been obsoleted as soon as it was branched almost a year ago. Trunk is now numbered 0.6.99.

Compared to 0.4.2, almost everything is new. From the storage backend to the preview engine, all has been reworked to offer a better user experience and prepare exciting future developments. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of changes:

play with the playground

For long time I did not use the playground because it was not as fun and easy to use after all. When I came back to it to add a few features, I thought I could as well make it fun again! I thought that what prevented me to really enjoy this place was the heavy process to get something on screen. Select a font, select a sentence or type it in the line edit and then push the button and Oh! the thing just goes nowhere you want it to be. So, while it still has some flaws, I redesigned it to act much friendly with me.

Select a font, click somewhere and type!

Some things deserve documentation

Sadly, I haven’t no time nor skill to write so much useful thing as documentation.

On the other hand, if most of the features are not obvious, at least they’re exposed in the user interface, thus "accessible" for the curious. Unfortunately, there is an area which is not at all exposed in the UI, the scripter. I won’t start document it right now! I just wanted to let you know the very first key (hm, 2 firsts!) of the Fontmatrix Python scripter.

print dir(Fontmatrix)

Debian users get help!

From LGM/Montréal

Thanks to Nicolas Spalinger, Debian, and thus Ubuntu users, will be able to easily follow latest developments in Fontmatrix by the help of brand new set of instructions. Enjoy… and please feedback.

Be happy…

…Mac users, there’s a new (Intel only) DMG. Here

You can thanks MrB for this.

Two for one in a short post

One is an answer to a feature request : fm_match_raster.ogv

The second a pure bonus, a complete fontmatrix.conf :)


This has been the immediate concern of my teammates when I presented a video clip demonstrating an extract-font-from-pdf prototype.

To avoid any misconsceptions, I want to make things crystal clear right now. While it’s theorically possible to reuse such an extracted font, there are two issues to keep in mind:

Finally, Python

It has been tough, it’s not at all finished, but here we are, we’ve plugged Fontmatrix into Python. Or the reverse, who knows?

The plan is now to first expose completely FontItem, which is the internal representation of a font, and the database wrapper. While it’s technically almost done, it’s now a matter of documenting the whole thing and let users play with it.

FontTools loaded! python_fm_ftools.png [33Kb]